CD "Madness Inside" (2013)

Ограниченное издание с коллекционным пит-артом!

Мощная энергетика, сочетающая в себе динамичные риффы, яркие мелодии, скоростные соло и экстремальный выразительный вокал, который наилучшим образом передает смысл песен.

01 - Escape from the Cellar
02 - Written with Blood
03 - Invisible
04 - Silent Hate
05 - It in the Well
06 - The Rage in Your Blood
07 - Phobia
08 - Lake of Shadows
09 - The Withering

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Пресса о Madness Inside

"Powerful, and heavy melodic Death metal with the occasional strong guitar solos of traditional Metal and a more than decent production." Paul Caravasi (Aquelarre Zine)

"If you have ever wondered what it would sounds like if you would bring bands like Children Of Bodom and Rhapsody Of Fire together and have Yngwie Malmsteen brainstorm along, then you'll find your answer in Instorm!" Neithan (Lords Of Metal)

"The guitar work is very good, and for my surprise one of the guitarists is a lady, unlike most of the bands with female members as bass or vocals, and what a wonderful job she does, together with the other guitarist." Adrian (Pest Webzine)

"Madness Inside might be the debut album of a young and new band, but it has the maturity that many more experienced bands would envy." Nick Verkaim Parastatidis (Behind the Veil Webzine)