~ Big Gig with Slice of Sorrow and Blackthorn ~
We're gonna play at Rock House in Moscow on 10.12.2017!
It's gonna be a presentation of Slice of Sorrow full-lengh album "Execution" with awesome special guest Blackthorn.
The atmospheric and energetic night is waiting for you! Come and get wild with us!

Date: 10.12.2017
Doors open: 6 p.m.
Club: Rock House
Adress: Russia, Moscow, Izmailovskoe shosse 71 k5
Buy Tickets:

~ Interview with Marina Nemtseva for Magna Femina (German Webzine) ~
Recently Marina Nemtseva gave an interview for Magna Femina - A webzine about women in metal.
You can read it here.

~ New Material for Second Album ~
It's been a while since the last time we share the news with you! We've been quiet for some time but there was a reason for that. This whole time we've been working on the material for our second album. Now composing process is finished and we have new completely ready songs. Just yet we recorded 10 demo tracks and we must say that we are really happy with them. They are just beautiful, they have Instorm attitude but also new different aspects and more variety. Every song has the soul and it's own face. We can't wait to share it with you!

~ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ~
We wish you all the best, great adventures for the New Year and stay strong no matter what!

~ New Interview ~
New Instorm interview for Pest Webzine. Click here to read it.

~ New Web Design ~
We have redesigned our official website. It looks really awesome now. We hope you'll like it!

~ The Instorm Webshop ~
We are pleased to announce that our webshop is now open! You can order our CD Madness Inside right now! We accept payment through PayPal and ship all orders worldwide! Just click here to place your order!

~ Metal New Year! ~
Instorm's wishing you a great holiday, a lot of good music and awesome mood!

~ Let's Meet Again ~
We want to inform you that we decided to remove our pseudonyms and since this moment we're gonna use our real names: Roman Nemtsev (vocals, guitars), Marina Nemtseva (guitars) and Alexander Petrov (bass).

~ Instorm parted ways with Antvik ~
Our drums are empty now. Antvik made a decision to leave Instorm for personal reasons. It was hard choice for him. He was with us over year and that was cool time. So We wish Antvik soft grass, hard metal and clear sky.

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"Powerful, and heavy melodic Death metal with the occasional strong guitar solos of traditional Metal and a more than decent production." Paul Caravasi (Aquelarre Zine)

"If you have ever wondered what it would sounds like if you would bring bands like Children Of Bodom and Rhapsody Of Fire together and have Yngwie Malmsteen brainstorm along, then you'll find your answer in Instorm!" Neithan (Lords Of Metal)

"The guitar work is very good, and for my surprise one of the guitarists is a lady, unlike most of the bands with female members as bass or vocals, and what a wonderful job she does, together with the other guitarist." Adrian (Pest Webzine)

"Madness Inside might be the debut album of a young and new band, but it has the maturity that many more experienced bands would envy." Nick Verkaim Parastatidis (Behind the Veil Webzine)